Shared Hosting Vs VPS Hosting VS Dedicated

by Apr 29, 2021Websites & SEO

Although high-speed internet is great, it isn’t the only factor you should consider when choosing a hosting service. Ultimately, the hosting service you’ll need will depend largely on the type of work you want to do.

A Shared Hosting account will suffice for web builders. Developers with a minimal system requirement have a better chance of getting by on VPS and Dedicated Servers. For large-scale enterprises wanting absolute control over their servers’ hardware and software configurations, a Dedicated Server account is perfect. Also known as dedicated hosting or managed hosting. The solution also offers users full redundancy, uptime guarantees, and complete control.

We’ll get a little more into what makes a Dedicated Server better than a VPS at our next host review. But if you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed by the number of options available. There’s no shame in opting for Shared Hosting.

Which hosting service should you choose?

When it comes to hosting companies, there are primarily two different types: shared and dedicated. Shared hosting accounts share all resources among multiple customers. At the same time, dedicated hosting services offer complete control over the hardware and software used at any given time. A shared web host is ideal for small businesses or individuals who do not require much (or anything) from their web host.

As for all the rest of us? Dedicated hosting services have their advantages. When you get down to it, it’s hard not to see why. They’re faster, more secure (since they’re not prone to as many attacks), and definitely a lot easier on the wallet. In light of that, we have compiled a list of the top dedicated hosting companies on the Internet today. We had to make sure each company appeared dedicated enough to offer more than just top-notch hardware and software.

A few caveats

Before you decide on a particular hosting company, you should consider a few factors, just as you would when choosing shared hosting, VPS, or dedicated services. We’ll start with those mentioned above and more about what you should be looking for in shared, VPS, or Dedicated hosting.

Shared hosting

When you buy a shared hosting account, you’re essentially renting out server space. Your website will be hosted on a machine that is also hosting many other websites. And all of those accounts are competing for the same resources. You might be attacked by malware or another user on the same server might serve you some dodgy content, for instance. Your site could likely be compromised as well. You have to remember that each web host has its own unique way of managing the server load and allocating resources to each customer.

If you have a large number of visitors to your site and try to move to a shared hosting provider, you’ll probably end up with slow speeds. As a result, most shared servers aren’t suitable for high-traffic websites.

Here’s another important thing to keep in mind; some shared hosting providers don’t allow sites with adult content or other “questionable” material—for example, Simo.Domains reserve the right to shut down any accounts they feel are being used for adult purposes.

Another great option is Simo.Domains dedicated servers. They offer unmetered bandwidth and a 99% uptime guarantee on all of their plans (most plans offer 24/7 support).

VPS hosting

VPS hosting is essentially a high-performance version of shared hosting. You’ll still have to factor into your decision which version of shared hosting you want (see above). What distinguishes VPS from shared is that you’re renting out server space on a machine managed by one service provider with VPS. This offers you much more control over the resources on your server and the amount of power it has.

For example, if you need more RAM to run your site, you buy extra RAM — you don’t have to ask the host to upgrade the server for you. They’ll do it whenever they can. This will save you time and effort.

If you decide to opt for VPS, you must make sure the provider offers reliable support. VPS hosting relies on your provider to troubleshoot and respond quickly if your server crashes, if your data gets deleted, or some other kind of problem. If your site is down, your visitors will be less likely to stay there for very long. This means fewer sales, fewer leads, and fewer growth opportunities. That’s why VPS providers must offer 24/7 support on all their plans so that you never have to worry about this kind of thing happening while you’re asleep or out of the office.

Dedicated hosting

Like shared hosting, dedicated hosting is nothing more than renting out server space. However, with dedicated hosting, you’re also getting your own dedicated machine, which means you’re not sharing it with anyone else. To put it in perspective, if you were to order a pizza for delivery and a guy walked up to your door carrying one of those cardboard boxes that contain your meal, the pizza would be inside that box. With dedicated hardware and software, you have everything set up perfectly for your site to run at peak performance.

With dedicated hosting, there’s obviously more of a financial burden on the customer. But there are a few things you can expect to get with this service that you won’t get with shared hosting. For example, most dedicated servers come installed with either PHP or MySQL. This means that if your site has been built using these technologies, then your server doesn’t have to have them installed already—you activate them during setup, and you’re ready to go. This is not possible on shared hosting accounts because the administrator usually sets up PHP and MySQL before giving them to customers.

Also, you have much more control over the resources allocated to your account. You can basically determine how much RAM, processor power, and storage you need, as well as what kind of network connection your server will have. This means that you’re able to set up your website on a machine that’s tailor-made for your needs.


Simo.Domains are one of the top shared hosting providers. They have high-traffic domains hosted across their servers and offer 24/7 support via phone, chat, and email. Since 2010, Simo.Domains have been providing their customers with high-quality web hosting.

VPS hosting is also offered through Simo.Domains. You’ll get the same great support from them on all of their plans, and you’ll be able to host multiple websites on your VPS if you want.

Simo.Domains have plans starting at only $1.45 per month. That’s an excellent price for the services and support you get with this company. And if you want more power and control over your VPS, then select the professional plan for $7.20 per month and sit back while Simo.Domains take care of your VPS for you!

If you’re looking for a high-quality shared hosting provider, then look no further than Simo.Domains. Consistently docked in the top spots for their shared hosting service and featured on numerous other sites.

They have the largest dedicated server lineup, and they’re constantly keeping up with new technologies so that their customers can get the most budget-friendly internet services. They offer support via email, phone, and chat. And if you need some custom services, like a dedicated server, then they’d be happy to help you with your needs.

Simo.Domains offer Windows/Linux Server Dedicated at $135.99 per month for a 32 GB DDR4 RAM and 2 x 4 TB HDD Storage (RAID-1).

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