Top 10 Most Popular New TLD Domain Names

by Apr 29, 2021Websites & SEO

It can be hard to find a domain name as popular as the one you’ve been using for your blog or business all these years. New domains ease trademark protections, making it easier for you to get the name you want. Among the best new TLDs are those that end in “.IO”, “.AI,” or . XYZ. TV, and TECH — and all of them have their own unique qualities.

The popularity of new TLDs is because they are less complicated than traditional top-level domains (TLDs). The simpler TLDs have attracted more registrations than some of the more traditional ones .COM, .NET, and .INFO category TLDs. Traditional gTLDs such as Google only allow a maximum of 17 characters in a domain name. This limits how long an individual could use the same domain names whilst still retaining trademark protections related to the same domain name. New gTLD addresses can take up to 255 characters — allowing for longer domain names without trademark infringement actions. Some new gTLDs even have 16 character maximum addresses.


In January 2016, ICANN approved many new TLDs in anticipation of the expansion of the Internet — to avoid a possible Internet collapse. There are two categories of new TLDs: traditional and new gTLD. Like the traditional, those are gaining popularity, with New gTLDs having fewer registrations and much more overlapping domains. For example, you can be sure that any domain name ending with .IO is very popular and will serve as an excellent choice for your business or website. New gTLDs teach us that you can choose a name that no one else is using. Therefore it will be easier to establish a perception of identity and branding.

As the Internet becomes more popular and becomes more and more important to the company’s bottom line, it is becoming ever more critical for companies to develop their own brand identity. Companies will often want to use a unique website address not already used by another company to accomplish this goal. After all, the chances are that if your business has been around for a while, then someone will have registered something with your name as part of the domain name (even if it was only a typo). The best way to avoid this is to choose an existing domain name and use it.

New gTLDs are a way for companies to buy these new names without the potential trademark infringement issues that come from using an existing domain. This allows companies to reserve a name, receive historical data, and build their brand identity. It also makes it easier for individuals with the same idea to find their sites and get up-to-speed in a shorter amount of time. Additionally, they tend to be less expensive than traditional domains because there is no application fee or annual renewal fee.

Top 10 most popular New TLDs Domain Names List:

1 .IO

The .io domain extension is the Internet country code top-level domain for British Indian Ocean Territory. The government of the territory administers it. The .IO top-level domain name has been available to all registrants since 2004; Some entities had access to it, including corporate users and those connected with the British Indian Ocean Territory government.

2 .AI

Artificial intelligence is the focus of the .AI domain. And artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence by machines, especially computer systems. The concept of AI has been around since the 1950s, but recent developments in computing power have led to rapid progress in this field. What differentiates AI from general machine learning and computer programming is that AI can learn independently without being explicitly programmed.


XYZ stands for Where You Can Be Anything You Want To Be, and XYZ also stands for Xtra Yuman Zee Viden (extra-human visual), which means Extra Human Visual Dimension, and XYZ could be an acronym that stands for eXtra-terrestrial areal INvestigator or extra-terrestrial areal INvestigator.


A .TV top-level domain identifies a broadcaster or a group of broadcasters with a common brand.


A .TECH top-level domain stands for Technology, which is the collection of techniques, skills, methods, and processes for producing goods and services or  accomplishing objectives, such as scientific investigation. The term technology comes from the Greek word technology, meaning art and craft (techne), combined with the suffix -logia meaning “study” or “a body of knowledge.


.CO is a top-level domain that stands for commerce, also called the commercial  top-level domain. Commercial top-level domains denote the nature of a specific business, e.g., business-to-consumer or business-to-business. They have a range of functions, such as increased visibility and search engine optimization.


The ICU top-level domain is an internationalized country code top-level domain for the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), a standardized body that sets global standards for various aspects of technology, including information technology, communication, and consumer electronics. ICU domains are only available to logged-in ISO members.


Jon Postel assigned the .SITE top-level domain to the site registries in 1998. There are commercial and non-commercial uses for .SITE today.


The CC top-level domain stands for Creative Commons. Anyone can use it to indicate a limitation on usage – specifically, that content under certain conditions can be freely used, adapted, or modified for non-commercial purposes with some conditions attached (e.g., “Attribution”) by the creator of the work or those authorized by them (e.g., “License”).r Germany or.


There are thousands of top-level domains used by any website that is accessible via the Internet, including the .ONLINE top-level domain. The term “online” can refer to the connection’s technical nature (e.g., wired or wireless).

Where to Register these Domains?

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