Smarter Payments With Virtual Credit Cards

by Apr 28, 2021Information Technology

A virtual debit card is a card that you can use for online shopping while protecting your real debit card information. The best part? Using a virtual debit card does not require any approval or credit check. You’ll even get instant notifications when your balances change and when transactions clear.

We’re going to cover:

-Why you should have a virtual debit card
-How it works – the steps, boosters, and more!
-The pros and cons of virtual debit cards…

So what exactly is a virtual debit card? A virtual debit card is a method, along with many other methods, used by companies like to allow you to use your real debit card for online purchases without giving out your real debit card information or having to go through the credit check or approval process. The idea behind this is that most people are less likely to fill out more forms and get more money stolen from them than they would have with their real debit cards. This helps everyone involved and protects you as well.

But how does it all work?

You go through a small program or website (many of which have free services) and select what amount you want to spend every month. This will tell the program how much money to take from your bank account every time you purchase. You will be given the information to make a virtual debit card that can do this anywhere from a few months up to forever. The company then sends the virtual debit card number and information associated with it every time someone tries to access your account online, usually when trying to steal money.

With your virtual debit cards, you can go online without giving out any personal information.
While using a virtual debit card is certainly safer than using your traditional debit card, it’s still risky. A virtual debit card company, MasterCard or Visa, will monitor how often the numbers are being used, where they are being used, and other information such as purchase amounts and locations to better protect against fraudulent activity. The best part is that these companies will not ask for any extra information besides the amount of money you have in the account, making it difficult for bad people to use your real money since they need your account number.

So what exactly would you use this for? Well…

To buy anything online.
To make any purchase where you would usually be asked for your card information.
There are many credit card alternatives out there, but the services above have been tried and tested (the best part is that they are free). There are also many other uses besides those listed above (eBay? Really??). You get the picture…

How does do it? is a free service (with a premium package that offers even more) that allows you to take advantage of their enormous virtual debit card network and their accumulated knowledge and experience with the security of these systems. They keep your information completely private and secure through their proprietary security system that continuously monitors your accounts for any activity that would be considered unsafe or out of the ordinary. While you can make purchases using virtual debit cards from many other websites, Privacy’s network is still the largest, meaning they are more likely to have a card available for whichever side you’re on whenever you need it.


The best part about is that you can use your card anywhere online without handing over your personal information. And the more sites you visit, the better chance you will have to get that free card.

The benefits of using include:
-No credit check or approval required
-Instant notifications when balances change and transactions clear, with immediate access to your balances
-Protect yourself against potential fraudulent activity through their proprietary security system

Cons is not an actual bank, which means there are some things that they cannot do for you, like issuing a credit card or providing loans, which can be very inconvenient (but also makes the company better at what they actually do). While the company does monitor for fraudulent activity, it is still possible in some cases.

Because this card doesn’t require any account information other than the amount of money in your account. It sometimes leads to people being unaware of how much money they actually spend when using their cards online. This can lead to an accumulation of debt on their part because they don’t know what’s going on with their charges.

Steps to create your own virtual debit card on

1) Create or Sign in to a Free Account. (To get your personal MasterCard/Visa numbers, you will need to complete an application for a new credit card).

2) Select the payment amount that you want to use. This is where you decide what % of your balance is being taken out every time you purchase. For example, if you have $300 in your account and want $150 taken out every month for the next year, set this amount at 30%. I think someone would want 10% taken out of their checking account if they were planning some scam. If you choose to do this, it’s no problem at all. Just make sure you have enough in your account to cover the charges in case this happens.

3) Create your card and use it on ANY site that accepts MasterCard or Visa (which is pretty much EVERY store online).

4) Go back to and follow the directions to add, access, delete and modify your virtual debit cards.

Final thoughts

I have to say that the online credit systems out there today are just amazing. I’ve been using credit cards for over five years now, and I still can’t get over how easy it is to keep track of the money I spend and what I have left to spend whenever I want. The problem is that these methods are kept very secret, so most people don’t take advantage of them. But if you were ever in doubt as to whether or not you should use another system, remember this: offers a free account with as many virtual cards as you need (more than any other company) so you can be sure that there will always be one available if needed. So take advantage of this and start taking back your money!

Sign up with Privacy virtual cards FREE with this affiliate link:

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