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by Apr 27, 2021Information Technology

The Internet can be a handy and even lifesaving tool, but there are risks. Risks like hackers who want to steal your identity or use your computer to run ransomware scams.

Connecting to public WiFi networks with a VPN on your device is the best way to protect yourself. And fortunately, Private Internet Access offers the perfect solution! PIA offers high security with no bandwidth throttling and no logs, so it’s fast enough for HD streaming. If you’re looking for the best VPN for public WiFi hotspots, look no further!

What is a VPN?

Well, it’s essentially just software that helps protect your online privacy and security when connected to public wifi networks. You create a secure tunnel between you and the internet, hiding your data from anyone trying to intercept it. This makes you much harder to spy on.

Wi-Fi Pineapple

The attacker accesses the network by creating a wireless hotspot which is usually not password protected. Using a wireless network, you are actually connecting to the attacker’s computer and are at risk of being hacked. This attack is made using mobile apps like Karma and its variants, such as WiFi Pineapple.

By using less-known protocols, Private Internet Access makes VPNs hard to break into. Plus, a Private Internet Access VPN encrypts all your data and blocks out any traffic that isn’t encrypted, so you can enjoy public WiFi without worry about getting hacked or spied on. 


Key reinstallation attacks (KRACKing) decrypt data sent over public wifi networks until you connect to Private Internet Access. An attacker with a reasonably powerful computing device can snoop and steal your data. Using a VPN with Private Internet Access, you will prevent KRACKing attacks from being effective against your data.

It is very difficult (if not impossible) for other people to intercept traffic between you and the VPN server. This protects your data from hackers lurking on public Wi-Fi as well as other people tapping into your unsecured network.

Although you can use a WiFi hotspot encryption method if you are using some other VPN provider, adding encryption to your existing VPN connection is important because it offers the highest level of security. This goes for any kind of WiFi network: public, home, or even corporate. Encryption makes it, so hackers won’t be able to see the data coming from your computer or smartphone.

Top Benefits of Public WiFi Security VPNs:

  1. Encryption: When you connect to any WiFi globally, it is an open network that anyone can access. Most people do not realize how much of their personal information is accessible to anyone who cares to look at it. Still, many cases where hackers can use this information for identity theft and other illegal purposes.
  2. No Logs: VPNs are a good investment as they protect your connection from third-party tracking and spying. VPN providers also do not keep logs of your usage or history unless you ask them to do so on purpose; this is quite different from regular internet providers who keep logs on everything you do online and sell them off.
  3. Security: When you connect to public WiFi, your network is open to all kinds of attacks. This is why it is important to encrypt all data that comes from your device or goes out into the internet and make sure that nobody but you can decrypt it. When you use a VPN with Private Internet Access, this is exactly what you get because the routers focus on ensuring that only encrypted packets are in your network.
  4. Streaming: If you like to watch many different TV shows and movies online, then the best VPN for Public WiFi networks will also be good for streaming purposes. Without a VPN, the connections you make to apps and websites can be easily decrypted and monitored by anyone. When you use our VPN, you will enjoy streaming videos without worrying about the security of your connection because Private Internet Access is a top choice for Netflix.

My Thoughts on Private Internet Access for WiFi Security VPN

As a long-time VPN user, I’ve tried several providers. However, I’ve learned that many fall short, and you only have to look at their privacy policies to find out why. The issue with many VPN providers is that they do not offer proper encryption or log your traffic and activities to sell this information to third parties. Many things can go wrong if you don’t trust the VPN provider you use. For this reason, I decided to try the Private Internet Access VPN service.

This provider offers a powerful encryption system and strong security features. I’m able to connect to servers located on five different continents without any issues. Private Internet Access offers unlimited bandwidth for you from their network of servers. This means that you will be able to access every website that you want to visit and stream videos without the worry of being monitored or spied on by anyone who may be online at the same time. In addition, this provider does not keep logs of your activities or sell them to third parties, which means that your privacy remains protected at all times.


It is important to ensure that your connection is secure in today’s world, whether you are at home or away from home. As a VPN user myself, I’ve learned that my privacy depends on the security service I choose. This is why Private Internet Access VPN stands out to me as the best provider for several reasons.

With this provider, you can connect to millions of servers in over 30 different countries worldwide without any issues. This means that your traffic will always remain encrypted and secured no matter what country you are in or what public WiFi network you might be using.

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